04 9 / 2014

Really glad that Janel Parrish will be joining the cast of Dancing with the Stars this fall!

27 8 / 2014

Goodbye Mona.

Goodbye Mona.

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26 8 / 2014

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

That is NOT Alison.



26 8 / 2014

jamieismyjacewayland said: I like how you think :)

Thank You! I’m glad somebody does! :-)

26 8 / 2014

I have some thoughts on the possible status of the victim on tonight’s episode and  you can read about that here.

That being said & assuming there will be an actual victim…

If I was going to choose someone for story’s sake, I would pick Melissa or Mona. 

(For the record, I don’t want either of them killed off.)

I would like to continue to see Melissa be a good sister to Spencer in future episodes, but story wise, she told a secret to Spencer and put it on tape. Looking at past A actions, I feel like that has the potential to make her a goner.

As for Mona, I think the writers have written her in a way that has brought her closer to the girls. She sort of reconnected with Hanna when Hanna joined Mona’s stake out of Cyrus. They has a similar thing happen with Aria-whether genuine or not- When they talk in the lady’s room in 5x11.


My guess for who it will be is Lucas because, well, I guess he is the newest “throw away”. He was in a few episodes and I was glad to have him back, I just think he is the easiest to get rid of now and the writers tends to kill off characters that they are done with (ha-much like A).

So, who do you think is going to be the victim tonight?

26 8 / 2014

I’m guessing by now everyone has seen the Promo for tonight’s episode.  I have to be honest. I love the way it’s worded…

Holbrook: The amount of blood in the house would indicate that the victim’s wounds were fatal. We have ruled this a homicide.

Sounds to me like the body is missing. “Would indicate” makes it sound like there is a blood bath with no body. 

If that’s the case, this gives the writers the chance to have the victim be any of the characters and find a way around it actually being a murder for the next half of the season. It will also leave us wondering about the victim being dead or alive until next season. (Much like they did with Ian in the bell tower and Toby in the woods.)

I, for one, hope it starts with the crime scene and we get to see it how it comes about during the episode.

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I saw some people having trouble finding this on the ABC Family Pretty Little Liars page so I thought I would post it here just in case.