05 3 / 2014

Sorry guys~ we are not doing much on here.  Been super busy and got behind.  Life smacks you in the face sometimes.

But really, what can we say about what has been happening? There really isn’t much clue sleuthing right now.  It is pretty much “So now you all have your theories and let’s see where those fit in.”

Throughout this series, we have suspected everyone that is in the hot seat at the moment of exactly what seems to be happening…

The bigger mystery now is can we trust it to be true.

11 2 / 2014

It was a beautiful episode, visually speaking. Delightful forties costuming, and Keegan Allen looking sharp as hell in that fedora (though whoever styles Ashley Benson can’t pull off an authentic retro style on her to save their life, and it shouldn’t be that hard).

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15 1 / 2014

Looks like Peter Hastings is shaping up to be this season’s Creepy Dad.

14 1 / 2014

Sorry we’ve been absent, pretties, we’ve both had a lot going on in our lives, but we’re ready to dive back in.

First things first: catching up on last week. The 4B premier was… interesting. A mix of good scenes and dubious writing decisions. The cutesy-cutsey carbon copy friend group of the other missing girl seemed really cheap and only served to reveal the other girls as throwaway characters who won’t actually matter.

Ezra and Mona’s scene was by far the best scene in the episode. What seemed a pretty cheesy line from Ezra in the preview, in context turned out to be both apt and chilling, and a testament to Ian Harding’s acting chops. It’s refreshing to see Ezra acting like less of a wet blanket and more of an active character.

Tonight’s episode continues the mixed bag of writing decisions, still making us feel more like we’re being led around the mulberry bush than following a story.

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14 1 / 2014

And ready to take on 4B. Stay tuned.

22 10 / 2013

We’ve been on a bit of a hiatus, but we wanted to drop in for the Halloween Special.

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07 10 / 2013

I’d really like a scene with Aria and Toby.  There hasn’t been one yet.  It’s about time. 

16 9 / 2013

So we just aren’t feeling the whole Ezra is Boardshorts or Beach Hottie. We are all for him being A or an integral member of the A team. We just don’t want Aria to be a consolation prize because Ezra can’t have Ali.   

14 9 / 2013

Since the Ezra reveal it has been really interesting to watch the chatter on the Pretty Little Liars blogs we follow and in the tags we check out. There seems to be a lot of enthusiasm for Ezra as A or as a major player on the A-team. This in contrast to the Toby reveal last season, in which the fandom was one long scream of horror.

We chatted last night about these differing reactions, since we’ve both been a bit fascinated by them. After all, both reveals involved a love interest in a much-loved pairing. Yet Toby’s A-team reveal brought on strong dismay and denial, where Ezra’s has brought on excitement and acceptance.

Why is this? We think it’s because of the different dynamics in these two couples, and the reasons people like them as pairings in the first place.

Spencer and Toby are about safety. They’re two people who have always held themselves back from the people around them, people who couldn’t even trust their own families. Toby in particular has been through a lot of loss and trauma. He’s used to being a loner. Spencer went from a mousy loner to member of an in-group more frienemies than friends (while Alison was alive). Getting together was a major step in their learning to trust other people.

So when Toby was revealed to be working with A, it was hard to see it as anything but a massive betrayal of a carefully-built trust, and even Toby’s claim that he was in it for information to protect Spencer didn’t quite take out the sting of seeing him in the black hoodie, or the look in Spencer’s eyes when he knew she knew.

Aria and Ezra, on the other hand, have always been presented to us as a relationship that was forbidden, hidden, and dangerous. Their first hookup is in a bathroom. They have to sneak around. Their relationship isn’t about trust between them so much as it’s about them as a secret. And fans of their relationship are drawn to these elements, this forbidden fruit, this secrecy and the excitement of it.

So the idea of Ezra being A, being somehow “bad,” only adds to this excitement. Moreover it doesn’t necessarily preclude him and Aria staying together, since Aria being involved with A or indeed being A herself has been a prominent theory in the fandom for a long time.

It’s no surprise that Toby’s reveal hit fans so hard, while Ezra’s seems to have been accepted with so much enthusiasm.

11 9 / 2013

What is going on here?  If Ali has a Doctor at her disposal that could get her the pill then why wasn’t she on it?  

This flashback may be very skewed by Cece’s memory. 

What else do we see in flashbacks that just don’t add up?