08 6 / 2013

In the top left, we see Aria sipping her drink, poking at it and taking little sips like she is “tasting” it.  Then Adam comes up.  Here we all freak out because of the way she writes the second A in her name.  Yup, great, and it may very well be a clue, but I think it is there to distract us from what is really going on, the fact that she is waiting to be drugged.  

The next picture, she pushes the drink to the edge of the table and looks away as the good old QOH comes up and slips her the drugs.  In the last picture, she turns, sticks her fingers in her drink again and the camera cuts away from her.  Why would you stick your fingers in your drink unless you were testing to see if something had been added to it? The whole thing is suspicious.  

This opens us up to two new questions:  

What is her motive for doing this? and Who is the person that drugs her? Motive can be an easy one.  If she was worried ppl were getting suspicious of her, this is the perfect alibi. 

As for who, if we are assuming that Aria is in on her drugging, then we have to ask ourselves who does she trust enough to drug her?  I would say Ezra or Byron. We know something went horribly wrong between her being drugged and her becoming Garrett’s crate buddy, so either her accomplice double-crossed her or she was supposed to just be trapped in the box alone and safe and then after a while her accomplice could “save her” giving her a perfect alibi, until someone decided to stick Garrett in there with her and give them the shove.  

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